Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1930-1939 Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1940


Joint resolution approving an agreement supplemental to the loan agreement of 1926 between the government of the Republic of Liberia, Finance Corporation of America and the National City Bank of New York, dated Dec. 28 A. D. 1939 [including the text of the supplemental agreement] (Acts 1938, pp. 2-16).

A joint resolution approving the agreement supplemental to the planting agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Firestone Plantations Company, dated Dec. 28th, 1939 [including the text of the supplemental agreement] (Acts 1938, pp. 16-20).

Joint resolution endorsing the action taken by the executive government referable to the declaration of neutrality of the government of Liberia in the present European conflict and empowering the president to take such other actions as will ensure internal economy and external interests during the existence of the said conflict (Acts 1938, p. 21).

An act fixing mileages to be paid witnesses or judicial officers on duty where motor or vehicular transport is available [, obligating the government to pay the amount charged by the vehicle operator only instead of the previous rate of 10 cents per miles, with the previous rate being paid only if the witness or judicial officer travels by foot] (Acts 1938, p. 21).

An act amending Section 29 of the Civil Service Act approved Dec. 12, 1934, and relating to leave of absence [allowing employees to accumulate the 14 days paid leave granted each year for a maximum leave of 52 days] (Acts 1938, pp. 21-22).

An act amending Section 64 of the Code for Justices of the Peace of 1907 [allowing representation of litigants only by licensed attorneys or close male kin] (Acts 1938, p. 22).

An act amending Section 41 of the act of legislature passed and approved Feb. 24, 1936, prescribing the time limit [30 days] for the payment of the [$50] divorce tax after final judgment (Acts 1938, p. 23).

An act enlarging Section 1 of the judiciary act passed and approved Oct. 22, 1914, relating to the assignment of circuit judges [allowing cirucit judges to preside over the same circuit more than once, given the abnormal travel conditions precipitated by the current European war] (Acts 1938, pp. 23-24).

An act granting emergency powers to the president of Liberia in respect of foreign trade [, permitting the president to take extraordinary measures to increase production and export of Liberian products, including the appointment of agents in foreign countries, to counteract the adverse of the European war] (Acts 1938, p. 24).

An act amending the matrimonial causes act of 1936 [eliminating “incompatibility of temper” as grounds for divorce, because it has permitted “the severing of the matrimonial tie on inadequate and frivolous grounds”] (Acts 1938, p. 25).

An act amendatory to an act passed and approved Jan. 24, 1923, fixing the pay of jurors per diem [reducing the rate in various county courts to 75 cents per day] (Acts 1938, pp. 25-26).

An act to amend the debt and damages act [so that in judgments for adultery, seduction of a wife or daughter, illegal haboring or taking of a dependent, breach of a promise to marry, and defamation losing defendants who are unable to pay civil damages may be imprisoned until the debt is liquidated, at a rate of $12 per month] (Acts 1938, pp. 26-27).

An act approving the budget presented by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, and providing for the expenses of the government for the fiscal year, Jan. 1, 1940 to Dec. 31, 1940 [and authorizing the secretary of the treasury to repay the justices of the supreme court and five judges of the circuit court amounts “that may have been voluntarily surrendered from their salaries as a loan to the government on account of the financial condition,” whenever funds become available] (Acts 1938, pp. 27-28).

An act regulating the exploitation of timberlands and fixing duty on lumber exported from the Republic of Liberia [imposing a six cents per cubic foot customs duty on exported logs and prohibiting the commercial exploitation of trees of less than 36 inches girth with a penalty of $500 for each violation (Acts 1938, p. 28).

An act providing for and establishing the Monthly and Probate Court for the county of Monserrado and annexing the provisional Monthly and Probate Courts of the territory of Marshall and the district of Careysburg as jurisdiction thereof (Acts 1938, pp. 29-30).

An act amendatory to an act entitled “An act regulating the mining and prospecting of all mineral and other natural deposits within the Republic of Liberia” [governing placer mining of gold and other minerals] (Acts 1938, pp. 30-33).

An act amending Section 124 of the Criminal Code of 1914 relating to smuggling [permitting for maximum fines of $1,000] (Acts 1938, pp. 33-34).

An act to amend the law of bail in criminal, civil and appeal causes [requiring payment in cash, unencumbered real estate or items easily convertible into money, to be certified by the presiding judge or other magistrate] (Acts 1938, pp. 34-35).

An act relating to the military service of the republic [detailing organization of the armed forces, authorized strength, exemptions from military service, pay, equipment, allowance, arms, instruction, distribution of forces, penalties for evasion of military service and related points] (Acts 1938, p. 35-45).

Joint resolution ratifying an agreement of lease concluded between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Firestone Plantations Company, dated Dec. 28 A. D. 1939 [approving a lease between Firestone and the government of land leased by the government from Edwin J. Barclay (with the concurrence of his wife, Mary Euphemia] (Acts 1938, pp. 46-52).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 1st session of the 39th legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1938, p. 52).

An act incorporating the Saint James Methodist Episcopal Church of Robertsville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming W. David Richards, pastor; B. W. Dennis, recording steward; M. A. Bass, distributing steward; J. L. Dennis, district steward; George Outland, reserve district steward; J. H. Hope, class leader; and steward: J. B. Howland, Emma Raly and C. W. Baley] (Acts 1938, pp. 53-54).

An act incorporating the United Methodist Episcopal Church of the settlement of Fendell, Louisana, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming W. David Richards, pastor; J. J. Baxter, recording secretary; Julia E. Dennis, disbursing steward; W. H. Carver, district steward; I. W. H. Wright, class leader; and members: M. N. Massaquoi, J. E. Pason and Paul Dennis] (Acts 1938, p. 54).

An act granting Carney Johnson and such other persons as hereafter may become associated with him the right to run a ferry across the middle point of the Poh River, Montserrado County, known as the Juijuah Center [for ten years at a maximum charge of six cents] (Acts 1938, p. 55).

Joint resolution restoring Alford C. Russ to citizenship [convicted of embezzlement and wrongly denied an appeal] (Acts 1938, p. 56).

An act restoring Alfred Russell of the settlement of Harrisburg, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, and Jacob S. Cummings of the city of Harper, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, to all rights and privileges of citizenship [both sentenced in 1934, having lived as “upright” citizens since their release from prison] (Acts 1938, p. 57).

An act granting to S. E. McCarey, Son and Company, Ltd., a renewal of ferry right for another 20 years [across the mouth of the St. Paul River for a maximum charge of 12 cents] (Acts 1938, pp. 57-58).

An act granting ferry franchise to Boima Kartumu and Sons of [Kolobolia, Dewo District,] the county of Grand Cape Mount, Republic of Liberia [granting sole right to operate for 20 years across the Marfa River from Kolobolia to the opposite side] (Acts 1938, pp. 58-59).

An act granting a ferry franchise to Clarence O. Tuning, Sr., of the city of Greenville, Sinoe County [to operate for six years across the Sinoe River, from Crayton’s Creek to the land owned by the late John W. Norman in upper Bluntsville to the Jack Town wharfs for a maximum charge of six cents] (Acts 1938, pp. 59-60).

An act restoring Murray J. Turner of the city of Greenville, county of Sinoe, and Republic of Liberia, to all the rights and privileges of citizenship (Acts 1938, p. 61).

An act granting a renewal ferry franchise to George B. Mooney of Garraway, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, successor to the Garraway Ferry Boat Company (of 1918) for the operation of a ferry across the Garraway Po River, between Garraway on the east side of the said river and Po River Town on the west side of said river at a point one mile from the entrance of the said river from the Garraway Bar on each side and parts adjacent to and fro, always known and styled as the Garraway Ferry Boat Company, Garraway, Maryland County Republic of Liberia [for 12 months, with a maximum charge of six cents] (Acts 1938, pp. 61-62).

An act transferring the [$50] pension granted by law to the late Stephen W. Edwards [wounded in the 1910 rebellion] of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, to his wife Cordella C. Edwards (Acts 1938, pp. 62-63).

An act to declare Charles A. James and Felix O. Lawrence, citizens of Liberia [even though they have resided in the country for less than the required two years] (Acts 1938, pp. 63-64).

An act restoring Daniel Jackson of the township of Tallah, Grand Cape Mount, Republic of Liberia, to all the rights and privileges of citizenship (Acts 1938, p. 64).

An act restoring Henry D. Hoff of Montserrado County to all rights and privileges of citizenship (Acts 1938, pp. 64-65).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1939—40. Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1940.