The Kissi

The Kissi were, like the Gola, one of the first people to settle in Liberia. Their language belongs to what is known as the West Atlantic Group, part of a larger classification of ‘class-languages’ which stretches from Lake Chad to the Senegal river. The Kissi are a muscular and thickset people, proud and stubborn as well as being accomplished fighters. Paramount Chief Quirmolu states that when the Kissi came south…Keep Reading

Why Elephants Flee From Goats

Elephant and Goat went out together to work in the fields, hoeing the soil and planting cassava stems. Goat was thrifty and industrious, but elephant was lazy and ate more than he grew. By midday they were hungry, and Goat, who could not trust Elephant with food, said: “It is time to eat. Since I am the smallest, I shall prepare the meal.” “Not at all,” declared the hungry Elephant….Keep Reading

How Three Brothers Sought Their Fortunes

Three orphan-brothers had land which was so sour and full of stones that they decided to travel to some distant place to find rich soil. They had been raised in a poor and unimportant village, and had learned to love each other. The oldest brother possessed an unusual gift. He could often tell, by dreams and other signs, what would happen in the future. The second brother was a warrior…Keep Reading

A Story of Two Monsters

Men tell a tale of two brothers who were orphans. They came of a poor family, and having no land of their own they sought work where they could. “We are poor,” the elder brother remarked one day. “What should we do to gain riches.?” Look for them,” the younger one suggested. “But where? Such things are not easily found.” “We should look for riches where riches abound, and that…Keep Reading

How Fire Came to Earth

Long ago only Meleka, the god who lives in the sky, possessed the gifts of fire; and in his wisdom he withheld it from Man. One day he gave a fire stick to Hawk and bade him fly through the heavens to kindle a dark star, but the fire stick fell from the mouth of hawk and dropped down to earth. It landed amid dry grass and a fire began,…Keep Reading

How Hawk Learned of the Shallow Hearts of Men

In a certain tree called the Palmolin tree, in which the palm birds live, Chameleon has his home. Men plant those trees in the center of their villages, and thus it was that chameleon lived in a tree by a village market place. People feared this animal, for although it was quite small it possessed a surprising strength. It would spring on the backs of passing men and could not…Keep Reading

The Fisherman Who Married a Water Spirit

Once upon a time there was a fisherman who went forth every day to sit on the river in his canoe and fish. He was a clever an industrious man and his name was Wana, but always when sitting alone in his canoe he felt a great emptiness within his heart. “Ah,” he would sigh, “if I only had a wife!” He would have preferred a wife to all the…Keep Reading

The Otter Who Ate Crabs

An otter lived in a river and consistently ate crabs. He ate crabs every day and several times each night; the crabs along the river were most disturbed. They decided they would hold a conference to discuss what should be done. “This wicked animal must be removed,” they said. “He’s eaten all our uncles, aunts and brothers, and soon he’ll eat us too. What shall we do?” Some said he…Keep Reading