1867, December

A resolution restoring Peter Minor of Montserrado County to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1867, p. 3)

An act to increase the revenue [by increasing the duty from nine percent to twelve on transient sales, from twelve to fifteen percent on direct consignments and twenty-five to thirty-seven cents per gallon of imported liquors] (1867, pp. 3-5)

An act to amend an act to repeal part of an act laying an interdict upon the Kroo Countries [specifically Settra Kroo, Nanna Kroo, Little Kroo, King Wills Town and Warpee, in order to secure the return of Toe, the alleged murderer of James Douglass, a Sinoe resident] (1868, pp. 5-6)

An Act creating river pilots for the different rivers at the several ports of entry in the Republic of Liberia and defining the duties, fees and penalties of the same (1868, pp. 6-7)

A resolution absolving and restoring John O. Evans [Jr.] to citizenship (1868, pp. 7-8)

An act for the relief of Charles R. Johnson of Grand Bassa County, who was wounded in the Gatoomba War, in the early settlement of this Republic, and who has served his country for many years as a military officer [providing sixty dollars annually] (1868, p. 8)
An act divorcing Martha E. McKenzie and Lambert McKenzie (1868, p. 8)

Resolution removing the chief justice [Edward James Roye, for causing several judges to resign in protest of his “gross inconsistencies and legal outrages” in the case of the Schooner Phoebe Harris] (1868, p. 9)

An act defining the payment of duties, etc., etc. (1868, pp. 9-10)

An act to prevent the depreciation of government currency (1868, pp. 10-11)

An act regulating the city of Greenville [fixing the salaries of the mayor and City Court chairman at one dollar per day and reducing the number of council members from nine to five] (1868, p. 11)

An act for the relief of H.B. Matthews (of Montserrado County, providing forty dollars annually] (1868, p. 12)

An act granting a pension to J.T. Richardson of Montserrrado County (who had an arm broken in the 1840 Gatoomba War, providing sixty dollars annually)

An act authorizing the appointment of wharfingers at each of the ports of entry of this Republic and defining their duties (1868, pp. 12-13)

From Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during its session commencing December 1867. Published by authority, Monrovia: J. Adam Clarke, printer, 1868.