How Three Men Saved a Woman From Lausing

Three men fell in love with a beautiful maiden. Each man wanted to marry her, but since all of them were poor her father said:
“I shall not give my only daughter to a poor man. Go then, and return with riches; do not return without them.”
The three men went away to a distant land and worked for a powerful Chief. The Chief was pleased with their work and when they wished to leave he gave them riches, and to each he presented a special gift.
To the first man he gave a magic mirror. By looking into the mirror one could see things happening in distant places.
To the second man he gave a magic canoe which would travel swiftly through the air to any place one wished to reach.
The third man received a magic spear which, on command, would leap to the heart of any evil creatures.
Now the beauty of this maiden which the three men sought was known far and wide, and the Lausing, or Forest Thing, decided he himself would have this girl. So from a serpent he changed himself into a handsome man, and coming to her father with many splendid gifts he asked, and was granted permission to wed the daughter.
The wedding was arranged.
When the first man looked into his magic mirror he saw the Lausing, the dread and Evil Forest Thing, was on the point of marrying the lovely maiden. He told his two companions. With the second man’s magic canoe the three of them were rapidly borne over forests and rivers to the wedding place.
When they arrived the third man commanded his magic spear to leap at the heart of the Lausing. The Lausing fell dead beside the girl, and as he fell he changed back into an ugly black and yellow serpent.
The beautiful girl was saved, and in gratitude her father agreed that she should instantly marry one of the three young men. But which one them deserved her most?