Toad, Snail and Hornbill

All the animals came together for a feast, and there was eating and dancing and drinking for a whole week. On the last evening of the feast three old men entered the town; and their names were Toad, Snail, and Hornbill. No one had ever seen people like them before, and no one knew where they came from; nor did any one know which of them was the oldest, so…Keep Reading

How Two Rich Maidens Sought a Naked Man

Long ago, beyond the memories of hundred men, there was a rich and powerful chief who had a son. The old chief did not know Ngala, and as he lay dying he saw famine and disease and war break up his powerful chiefdom. The son of the chief found himself with no possessions, and though a proud and valorous son he was obliged to rob and lived by the edge…Keep Reading

A Riddle of Two Women

Two rich women who lived in the same town fell in live with a poor man who lived in the forest. The first woman built him a fine house and garden, and put cattle and goats in the nearby fields, and sent a messenger to bring him in. The second woman into the forest to find the poor man; she gave him rich food and wine, and brought him back…Keep Reading

Two Maidens and Their Lover

Orphan fell in love with two young girls who lived in different towns; he loved them equally, and they loved him too. All the young girls in these two towns were to be joined to the women’s powerful Sande Society on a certain day; on that day each town would hold a feast, with song and dance and palm wine, and Orphan wished to be present at each feast. On…Keep Reading

The Riddle of Four Wives

Once upon a time three poor brothers lived at the edge of a forest in poverty and want. Their land was sour and would not yield a crop, and no animals or fruits could be found inside the forest. One day the youngest brother said: “Let us go to the Chief and ask if he will agree to give us anything we want for five days, and in return we…Keep Reading