A resolution ratifying the actions of the sovereign people of the Republic of Liberia in deposing Edward James Roye, fifth president of the Republic, for the reasons set forth in the manifesto of the executive committee of the provisional government and confirming all of their acts as set forth in said manifesto (1871, p. 3) An act for temporarily lengthening the time of the December term of the Court of…Keep Reading

1867, December

A resolution restoring Peter Minor of Montserrado County to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1867, p. 3) An act to increase the revenue [by increasing the duty from nine percent to twelve on transient sales, from twelve to fifteen percent on direct consignments and twenty-five to thirty-seven cents per gallon of imported liquors] (1867, pp. 3-5) An act to amend an act to repeal part of an act laying…Keep Reading