A Maiden Who Wedded a Dhevlin

There lived a rich chief whose daughter was so beautiful that men who saw her trembled with desire; her name was Daggu. But although she was of marriageable age, Daggu was too disobedient to follow her father’s good advice and marry such a man as he might choose; and she was too proud to choose a husband from those who begged her hand, for she saw no man who’s beauty…Keep Reading

The Deadly Oracle

The Chief of the land was Ozeky, and his daughter was the wisest of all women. Her name was Tua, and she knew all things and such as the breadth of her wisdom that she became an oracle. The Chief announced that any man who asked a question which she could not answer would be given half the chiefdom; but if the question was well answered he would die. By…Keep Reading

The Maiden Who Wedded a Sea-Demon

Old men tell of a noble chief who possessed a daughter of surpassing grace and beauty, and called Tola. She was a maiden both talented and fair, as lovely as a rising moon and tutored well in wifely skills, as was the custom of those times; but, over-proud of her perfection and deaf to her father’s wish, she refused to marry any many with a spot or blemish on his…Keep Reading

The Two Cripples That Decided to Commit Suicide

In a village there dwelt two young men, one of whom was blind and the other lame. As champions in adversity they would sit together in the market place and beg for food; but the more fortunate villagers ordered them to leave and find their living in another place. The blind man used his sound legs to carry his friend into the forest, and the lame man used his eyes…Keep Reading

How a Slave-Clan Won its Freedom

This is a colorful confusion of history and legend such as Grebo men have told around their fires for many generations. In the peace of evenings old men smoke their pipes and tell of the Bulobos and Gudobos, two clans who lived before the birth of thunder or lightning. The Bulobo were bald and strong and they had a mighty giant named Gbovanh, who was leader of their army. The…Keep Reading

How Spider Cooked His Children and Found Them Bitter

Spider and Hare made some traps and set them in the woods to see what they could catch. Spider set his traps in the river, and Hare set his on land. Spider was hungry before Hare was, and very early next morning he went to his traps. He had caught a few fish. Then he began wondering what Hare had caught, and went to sea, and in Hare’s traps he…Keep Reading

How Three Brothers Sought Their Fortunes

Three orphan-brothers had land which was so sour and full of stones that they decided to travel to some distant place to find rich soil. They had been raised in a poor and unimportant village, and had learned to love each other. The oldest brother possessed an unusual gift. He could often tell, by dreams and other signs, what would happen in the future. The second brother was a warrior…Keep Reading

A Story of Two Monsters

Men tell a tale of two brothers who were orphans. They came of a poor family, and having no land of their own they sought work where they could. “We are poor,” the elder brother remarked one day. “What should we do to gain riches.?” Look for them,” the younger one suggested. “But where? Such things are not easily found.” “We should look for riches where riches abound, and that…Keep Reading

The Fisherman Who Married a Water Spirit

Once upon a time there was a fisherman who went forth every day to sit on the river in his canoe and fish. He was a clever an industrious man and his name was Wana, but always when sitting alone in his canoe he felt a great emptiness within his heart. “Ah,” he would sigh, “if I only had a wife!” He would have preferred a wife to all the…Keep Reading

A Riddle of Two Women

Two rich women who lived in the same town fell in live with a poor man who lived in the forest. The first woman built him a fine house and garden, and put cattle and goats in the nearby fields, and sent a messenger to bring him in. The second woman into the forest to find the poor man; she gave him rich food and wine, and brought him back…Keep Reading

Leopard and Black Deer

While playing in the forest Black Deer met Leopard, and finding it too late to run she begged for mercy. “Quickly tell me three true things foremost in your mind,” said Leopard, “and I will let you go.” Deer thought. “This is the first,” he said. “If I return home and tell my friends I met you, they will call me a liar.” “Excellent,” Leopard declared. “Go on.” “The second…Keep Reading

How Quilla Humbled a Crocodile

In some unknown city by a river — the name was forgotten long ago — the people were so rich and lazy they spent all their time at gambling. They gambled day and night, and even animals and spirits came to join them. A farmer whose name was Quilla came down the river in his canoe seeking land to farm; he brought his wife and baby girl with him. He…Keep Reading