1870, December

An act authorizing specific duties on certain articles imported into the Republic of Liberia and the collection of the same (1870, pp. 3-4) An act to repeal an act defining the payment of duties etc., etc. (1870, pp. 4-5) An act incorporating the Palm Grove Cemetery Company of Monrovia [consisting of two acres opposite the public burial ground with Henry Wesley Dennis, Charles Benjamin Dunbar and William McCall Davis of…Keep Reading

1869, December

An act amending an act entitled an act amendatory to an act regulating fees [for jurors, sheriffs, constables and coroner’s jurymen] (1869, p. 3) An act regulating the militia of the Republic of Liberia (1869, p. 3-5) An act regulating the pay of officers, crew and mariners of the revenue cutter “Liberia” or any other revenue vessel belonging to government (1869, pp. 5-6) [A resolution authorizing the secretary of treasury…Keep Reading

1857, December

An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act providing for a National Fair (1857 II, p. 3)* An act for the punishment of larceny (1857 II, p. 3-4) An act constituting and establishing a monthly and probate court and a register’s department at Robertsport (1857 II, p. 4-5) An act providing for the repairs of public buildings in the county of Maryland (1857 II, p. 5) [An act ordering…Keep Reading