1865, December

A resolution providing for the purchase of a steam vessel for revenue service and to abrogate the former resolution for that purpose (1863, pp. 5-6) An act pertaining to bounty land (1863, pp. 6-7)An act supplementary to “An act authorizing the appointment of surveyors for each county and defining their duties” (1863, pp. 7-8) An act authorizing the appointment of commissioners to select a site in the interior for the…Keep Reading

1857, December

An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act providing for a National Fair (1857 II, p. 3)* An act for the punishment of larceny (1857 II, p. 3-4) An act constituting and establishing a monthly and probate court and a register’s department at Robertsport (1857 II, p. 4-5) An act providing for the repairs of public buildings in the county of Maryland (1857 II, p. 5) [An act ordering…Keep Reading