The Origin of the Putu

“The Putu people are not a distinct people, but are part of the Krahn of the Kru group.” (Liberian Bureau of Folkways.) However, the Putu were once a more powerful and numerous people than they are today, and incline to regard themselves as a group in their own right. The following is one of the various legends which describes their origin: In centuries gone by a people known as the…Keep Reading

The Putu Deity

In the land of the Putu there is a certain deity who lives in a cave on the side of Mount Gedeh; the name of this fabulous being is Tuobo Nyeka. Tuobo Nyeka is an oracle and has served the Putu people well, giving wise advice on important matters and solving many problems which could not be solved by men. The position of the medium or Ba Weyon Sloo who…Keep Reading

The Power of Nysoa’s Nam

A certain chief had a rice farm on land across a river from his town. When his crop was ripe he caused it to be cut and stacked in the centre of a field. Green Pigeon made her nest upon the stack of rice, and laid three eggs therein. One day the Chief said to his people: “Tomorrow my rice must be hauled to town, nothing else will be done.”…Keep Reading

Why Hawk Kills Chickens

A woman had a little girl whose body was covered with ugly sores. She went to all the best country-doctors and Diviners, but nothing would remove the sore, so one day she became discouraged and decided to throw the child away. That night she carried her to a dung pile and left her there. Hawk had built her nest above the dung pile in a tree, and in the morning…Keep Reading

The Discontented Spider

When Hungry Season came Spider assembled his people and said: “Tomorrow I will go from you and seek food, and nothing I can do will be of help to you if I stay here.” He journeyed many miles from his house, and saw smoke rising from a distant village. He walked and walked until he came to this village, and found it was inhabited by cassavas. “You are welcome, Spider,”…Keep Reading