How a Wicked Woman Burned

Men tell a tale of two rich chiefs, River Chief and Hill Chief. River Chief lived by a river and had a handsome son who was a clever fisherman, and an ugly daughter whose name was Ti. Hill Chief had no children. River Chief sent Ti to him as a wife, and Hill Chief took her; she was a good and gentle woman and Hill Chief did not mind her…Keep Reading

How Antelope Revenged His Wife

Nemo, the Pigmy antelope, left his house and went on a long journey; his wife stayed in town. One night Chimpanzee came to the house and knocked on the door. “Who knocks? asked lady-Antelope. She would not open the door. Chimpanzee went to a diviner and asked for medicine to make his voice small like Nemo’s. The diviner told him to swallow a piece of red-hot iron; but Chimpanzee was…Keep Reading

The Kitchen in the Sky

During Hungry Season all the animals except Chameleon became quite thin. Baboon was surprised to see that instead of becoming thin Chameleon grew quite fat, and one day he asked him how this could be. “Every animal has a secret,” said Chameleon, “and that is mine.” Baboon begged him to tell. “I promise I will tell no other animal,” he said. “I beg you, my good friend, explain how you…Keep Reading

The Prodigal Hunter

A young man grew up to be a mighty hunter. He became so famous he left his family and entered the service of a wealthy Chief. The Chief paid him well, so that he became rich and proud; he neglected his old father and mother, who lived in poverty and almost starved to death. But the chief himself was an arrogant man, and the hunter wondered if the master really…Keep Reading