1920, Call Session

Joint resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to send a commission composed of three persons to be designated by him, to Washington, D. C., United States of America, for the purpose of continuing negotiations with the government of the United States on the proposed financial plan and authorizing the secretary of the treasury of the Republic of Liberia to enter into negotiations for the sum of twelve…Keep Reading

1869, December

An act amending an act entitled an act amendatory to an act regulating fees [for jurors, sheriffs, constables and coroner’s jurymen] (1869, p. 3) An act regulating the militia of the Republic of Liberia (1869, p. 3-5) An act regulating the pay of officers, crew and mariners of the revenue cutter “Liberia” or any other revenue vessel belonging to government (1869, pp. 5-6) [A resolution authorizing the secretary of treasury…Keep Reading