A noble and patriotic effort

Interesting! Thanks very much for this noble and patriotic effort, Mr. Burrowes. I would certainly appreciate an alternative perspective on Liberian History and look forward to devouring what “Between the Kola Forest & the Salty Sea” has to offer. Your mention of the use of astronomy by our ancestors for farming purposes is something I actually learned about from my mother, who was a Kpelle. As a child, I remember sitting at her feet one beautiful evening, when the sky was cloudless and sparkled with a million bright stars. My mom and I sat outside appreciating the splendor of that panoramic view of the heavens, when suddenly she pointed out to me a triad of stars, three bright stars perfectly aligned in a row. She proceeded to explain to me that the position of those aligned stars in the sky determined the timing of the various stages of the farming process. My mom never went to school, but I learned my first lesson in astronomy and its place in Kpelle culture from her.