A magnificent scholarly achievement … telling details coupled with rigorous analysis

Between the Kola Forest and the Salty Sea places the history of Liberia in proper perspective by providing a seamless narrative of how the peoples of this country migrated to what is referred to today as Liberia. This work debunks the longstanding myth that the history of this country started from 1822. In so doing, it has radically shifted the paradigm.

On the contrary, the book provides a narrative of the history as it has unfolded over the past centuries and points out that while the country’s relationship with the rest of the world started earlier. The history of Liberia is a history of African peoples migrating from different parts of the continent to settle where we are today. In this light, it is a mosaic of or melting pot for African peoples arriving from different parts of the world to establish a single whole called Liberia.

Burrowes presents telling details coupled with rigorous analysis. He has provided considerable knowledge of the country’s past in a lucid way; this is a magnificent scholarly achievement.

I recommend this for university students studying Liberian society and also for those interested in knowing Liberia, especially at a time that the country is emerging from the ashes of a senseless war and seeking a better path to the future. It is a must read. I have learned a lot from this work. Cannot wait to see it on the shelves of libraries and of bookstores.