A rich and vibrant introspection … a must read for all Liberians

Power and Press Freedom in Liberia is an important and unique contribution to Liberian literature and media. It is an excellent example of scholarship, focusing especially on so critical an aspect of Liberian history—the press—such as has never before been tackled. Burrowes take us back to the founding of the country’s first ever newspaper, the Liberia Herald in 1830, 17 years before Independence, and to lead us through the historical development of the media and of the nation state itself, through 1970. In the process, he has given us a rich and vibrant introspection into the history of our country and its press as so far no other Liberian author has done. He records the repression and persecution which journalists experienced beginning in the 1940s and continuing, with even tragic results in later years. The book is a must read for all Liberians, friends of Liberia, students of Liberia and researchers and scholars everywhere.