An intellectual tour de force … unravels analytically the historical antecedents of contemporary “globalization”

Power and Press Freedom in Liberia is an intellectual tour de force. While essentially about the press, the work is simultaneously a compelling history of the development of the Liberian nation and the role played both by religious denominations and the press in that process.

It explores with great insight the uses and abuses of power that ought to be at the heart of any discussion of press freedom but that tend to be studiously avoided by most communication scholars especially when critiques of the powerful are at issue. More the boldness and value of this timely work as it unravels analytically the historical antecedents of contemporary “globalization” as a method of mobilizing markets for maximizing profits.

Most significantly, what the book reveals about media restrictions and the repercussions of such in the context of Liberia — one of the world’s oldest nation states — can inform efforts to preserve and embed authentic freedom of the press and civil liberties in other contemporary societies, some of which are even older than Liberia and whose media moguls never fail to champion self-indulgently the cause of press freedom when it serves their purposes.