An objective portrayal … debunks many legal and political theories

Power and Press Freedom in Liberia is more than another contribution to the field of media law, replete as the book is with analyzing and, where applicable, debunking the many legal and political theories as they relate to understanding press freedom and control generally, and particularly in Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic. More significant, I believe, is the fact that Burrowes comes closest, while exploring the intricate alignment of government, politics, religion, and the press, to presenting a “balanced and fair” study of the history of Liberia, from its colonial period to independence and post-independence eras. Using the pages of Liberian newspapers, true purveyors of the “daily history” of that nation, Burrowes is able to present a more objective portrayal of the alliances that permeated the Liberian patrimony and hegemony during the period under study.