Leopard and Black Deer

While playing in the forest Black Deer met Leopard, and finding it too late to run she begged for mercy.
“Quickly tell me three true things foremost in your mind,” said Leopard, “and I will let you go.”
Deer thought. “This is the first,” he said. “If I return home and tell my friends I met you, they will call me a liar.”
“Excellent,” Leopard declared. “Go on.”
“The second is that if I say you asked me riddles, they will laugh at me.”
“True enough.”
“The third is that you are not hungry anyway.”
Leopard nodded in agreement, and yawned. “True, Black deer, quite true. If I had been hungry I would have eaten you by now. You are free to go and be laughed at, and called a liar.”