Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1860-1869

1861, December

A resolution to authorize the issue of an additional amount of engraved bills (1861, p. 75).

An act divorcing Tristam Waters and Elizabeth Waters (1861, p. 75).

A special resolution for the relief of John W. Powell of the county of Grand Bassa [providing fifty dollars] (1861, p. 76).

An act amendatory to an act entitled “An act chartering the city of Buchanan” (1860, p. 76).

A resolution declaring the adoption of the amendment to the Constitution recommended by the legislature during the session of 1859-60 to allow the county of Maryland three representative (1861, p. 76-77).

Resolution to reimburse James C. Payne [sixty six dollars and forty two cents paid as an election penalty] (1861, p. 77).

An act amendatory to an act entitled “An act regulating deposits in the public treasury” (1860, p. 77).

An act chartering the township of Edina (1861, p. 77-79).

An act granting Careysburg and Marshall respectively a Provisional Monthly Court, also a Register’s Department at Careysburg (1861, p. 79).

An act regulating the payment of export duties and the deposit of the same in the several branches of the treasury (1860, pp. 79-80).

An act restoring Henry Hess, Samuel McKay, John Ellis Creek and others [i.e. Thomas Hoff, William McKay, Zip McKay, Robert White of Montserrado County; Louis Lowe, Lucinda Page, Charles Webb, George Holt, Benjamin Gordon, Elias Grant of Grand Bassa County; and Elvin Douglass of Sinoe County] (1860, p. 80).

An act authorizing the appointment of commissioners to select a site in the interior for the seat of government (1860, p. 80).

An act supplementary to an act authorizing the circulation of Copper coin and making the same a legal tender in this Republic (1860, p. 81).

An act providing for commissioners to enlist emigrants from the United States (1860, p. 81).

An act to prevent the setting of spring guns and spring knives [outlawing booby traps] (1860, p. 87).

An act supplementary to an act providing for the care and support of recaptured Africans [allowing for the apprenticing of adults as the previous act had provided for minors only] (1860, p. 87-88).

A resolution appropriating annually annually for the term of ten years the sum of three hundred dollars to the use and benefit of St. Mark’s Hospital (1860, p. 88).

A resolution suspending the operation of the second and third section of an act entitled “An act imposing additional duties on the importation of certain articles and levying and collecting additional tonnage duty on foreign ships and vessels” (1860, p. 88).

An act amendatory to an act entitled “An act regulating fees” [providing sixty cents per day for grand jury service and fifty cents for petit jurors] (1860, p. 88-89).

An act amendatory to an act providing for common schools [providing five thousand dollars annually] (1860, p. 84).

An act creating boarding officers in each of the ports of entry in this Republic, the port of Marshall excepted, and defining the duties of the same (1860, p. 84-86).

A resolution recommending the suspension of the National Fair provided by law, to be held in the county of Maryland in 1862 (1860, p. 86).

An act to amend and consolidate the several acts concerning Liberia College [naming as trustees: Alfred F. Russell, Beverly R. Wilson, Daniel B. Warner, Francis Payne, B.V. R. James, S. F. McGill, Francis Burns, Amos Herring, D.T. Harris and J. N. Lewis (for Montserrado County); J. S. Smith, S. S. Herring, C. L. de Randamie (Grand Bassa County); and J. M. Priest, Seborn Evans and H.B. Stewart (Sinoe County); J. T. Gibson, B. J. Drayton, R. S. McGill (Maryland County) and J. J. Roberts (President) (1860, p. 87-90).

An act requiring all deeds and conveyances of real estate to be probated and registered (1860, p. 90-91).

A resolution making appropriation of money with a view to develop the iron resources in the vicinity of Careysburg (1860, p. 92).

An act supplementary to the act entitled “An act providing for the care and support of recaptured Africans.

From Acts of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia passed during the sessions 1857-1861, inclusive. Monrovia: G. Killian, Printer, Liberia Herald Office, 1862