Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1870-1879


Resolution providing for the sale of the government steam-tug and all appurtenances to the same (1875, p. 3).

Resolution providing for the erection of a public building in Grand Bassa County (1875, pp. 3-4).

An act appropriating fifteen hundred dollars for the erection of a court house and jail in Robertsport, Montserrado County (1875, p. 4)

An act providing for the support of the general government [ordering each county to submit half of all revenue from imports and exports for support of the national government] (1875, pp. 4-5).

An act to incorporate “The Liberian Saint Paul’s River Steamboat and Tramway Company” for the convenience and facility of the citizens traveling and for the interior trade” [naming as company members: J. W. Good, G. W. Gibson, M. R. Richards, Moses Rick, R. C. Cooper, J. W. Blacklidge, W. D. Coleman, G. W. Walker, E. T. Holder, Francis King, S. D. Richards, I. J. Ash, T. C. Lomax, R. R. Johnson, I. C. Capehart, Stephen Bond, S. C. Fuller, Sol. Fuller, Joseph Ash, E. C. Clack (sic.) and T. C. Mitchell of Montserrado County with S. H. Crayton and W. E. Harris of Sinoe] (1875, pp. 5-7).

An act providing for the appointment of auditors of public accounts in the several leeway counties and defining the duties of the same (1875, pp. 7-8).

Resolution providing for the distribution of the specie in the treasury [in the following manner: for participation in the U.S. Centennial Exhibition, four thousand and five hundred dollars; five hundred dollars to each of four counties; two thousand nine hundred and ten dollars to the legislature; two hundred dollars to the Supreme Court, with recipients of gold species ordered to pay a twelve-percent premium] (1875, pp. 9-10).

Resolution amendatory to a resolution passed during the present session of the legislature respecting the distribution of the specie in the treasury (1875, p. 10).

An act authorizing the secretary of the treasury to negotiate a loan of twenty five thousand dollars upon the faith and credit of the revenue of this Republic [to pay overdue salaries of public school teachers in Montserrado County] (1875, p. 10).

An act to amend an act entitled an act authorizing the secretary of the treasury to negotiate a loan of twenty five thousand dollars upon the faith and credit of the revenue of the Republic of Liberia [ordering the secretary to pay no more than seven percent interest] (1875, p. 11).

Resolution amendatory to a resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to negotiate a loan of twenty five thousand dollars on the faith and credit of the revenue of this Republic [allowing the secretary to negotiate for a loan of up to twenty five thousand, rather than limiting him to that exact amount, as worded in the original] (1875, p. 11)***

An act to amend an act entitled an act encouraging agriculture throughout the Republic of Liberia [increasing the reward offered farmers from ten dollars to twelve dollars per thousand seedings planted, if more than five thousand are planted, and from five to six dollars per acre of ginger, ground peas and arrowroot, if more than two acres] (1875, pp. 11-12).

Resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the present session of the legislature (1875, p. 12).

An act reorganizing the supreme court of the Republic of Liberia [authorizing two associate justices to assist the Chief Justice] (1875, pp. 12-15).

Resolution appropriating one hundred and fifty dollars to assist the citizens of Brewersville to clear out Logan’s creek and to throw up a short path in the swamps running from said creek to the town (1875, pp. 15-16).

An act amendatory to a resolution approved January 26, 1874, authorizing the secretary of state to accept the invitation of the U.S. government to cooperate in the International Exhibition to be held in the city of Philadelphia in 1876, and the appointment of commissioners to the same (1875, pp. 16-18).

An act to renew and extend the plots and to transcribe the records of lands [providing for the drawing of accurate maps of every town, particularly of deeded land within each] (1875, pp. 18-19).

An act granting to one of the principal chieftains in each of the counties of this Republic, a yearly stipend of one hundred dollars (1875, p. 20).

A resolution granting one hundred acres of public land [on the north side of the St. Paul River] to J. T. Dimery, agent of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church of the United States, for educational purposes (1875, pp. 20-21).

Resolution providing [one town lot in Edina and ten acres of bounty lands] for the relief of Maria Titler, widow of Ephraim Titler of the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia [a delegate to the 1847 Constitutional Convention] (1875, pp. 21-22).

An act appropriating funds to reimburse the estate of E[zra] W. Wright, deceased through the administrator and administratrix of his estate, on account of [seventy five thousand dollars at seven percent interest] moneys loaned the government [in 1864] (1875, pp. 22-23).

Resolution to reimburse [eighty nine dollars and fifty cents] James R. Moore, sub-treasurer of Grand Bassa (1875, p. 23).

An act restoring Henderson Shern, Rebecca Parker, Jackson Dimery, Warrock Coverson, James Bally, Lavinia Barnett, H. A. Erskine and William H. Arthur to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1875, p. 23).

An act restoring F. C. Holderness to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1875, p. 24).

An act to incorporate the First Presbyterian Church of Monrovia [naming as leaders: Robert A.M. Deputie, Daniel B. Warner, Joseph W. Hilton and Jehu T. Dimery] (1875, pp. 24-25).

Resolution granting D. R. Fletcher, M.D., of Maryland County, two hundred dollars for services rendered the people in arresting the smallpox in said county (1875, p. 25).

Resolution reimbursing H.A. Williams of Grand Bassa County [the sum of one hundred dollars for transporting Bassa’s legislative delegates and their belongings to Monrovia] (1875, pp. 25-26).

Resolution of relief authorizing the secretary of the treasury to pay to James M. Horace [senator] of Grand Bassa, the sum of six hundred and twenty five dollars under an act repealing an “Act interdicting trade town and adjacent countries and approved A.D. 1867” [as refund for payment to Prince Boyer on behalf of the government] (1875, pp. 26-27).

Resolution authorizing the payment of certain moneys to J.D. Preston for services rendered as school commissioner for the county of Grand Bassa in 1872, under the special appointment and direction of President Roberts [exactly one hundred and ninety four dollars] (1875, pp. 27-28).

Resolution granting an extension of time in favor of E. S. Morris and George Stockham on letters patent [for improvements in the manufacture of indigo and in machines for hulling coffee, based upon patents originally granted to Theodore T. Woodruff of Philadelphia, but transferred by him to E.S. Morris who tranferred partial interest to George and J. O. Neal Stockham, all of Philadelphia] (1875, p. 28).

An act creating a board of trustees in Maryland County, to be denominated Trustees of the Hall’s School Fund, and defining the duties of the same [naming R. S. McGill, Sr., Henson W. Moulton, Charles H. Lee, Daniel F. Wilson and Elijah H. A. Dennis to administer seven thousand five hundred dollars donated by James Hall of Maryland, United States of America] (1875, pp. 29-30).

An act to amend the charter of Liberia College [reducing to seven the number of trustee needed for a quorum and converting from regular to ex-officio status all trustees from leeward counties, due to the hardships and costs of transportation to Monrovia for regular meetings] (1875, pp. 30-31).

An act chartering Mountain Mining Company, Sinoe County [naming Z.B.Roberts, R.S. Jones, F.J. Grante, Josiah Neyle, N.J.A. Maarschalk, William Kelly, Edward Berquine and W.W. McDonough, all of Greenville, Sinoe County] (1875, pp. 31-32).

Resolution for the relief of Benjamin Anderson, chief commissioner to the interior of Montserrado County [refund of three hundred dollars spent for journey to Musadu] (1875, p. 33-34).

An act making appropriation for the fiscal year commencing the first day of October, A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Four, and ending the thirtieth day of September, A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Five [Sets appropriation at one hundred forty eight thousand and three hundred and forty dollars and ninety-four cents and details the salaries of civil servants, from the presidents to “runners”] (1874, pp. 17-25).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1874-1875. Published by authority Monrovia: T. W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1875. Although the resolution marked *** is characterized as amending a previous “resolution,” the original was labeled “an act,” an incorrect characterization since the legislature’s directive was narrowly focus in contrast to acts which are binding on all citizens or residents of a particular geographic area.

Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1860-1869

1869, December

An act amending an act entitled an act amendatory to an act regulating fees [for jurors, sheriffs, constables and coroner’s jurymen] (1869, p. 3).

An act regulating the militia of the Republic of Liberia (1869, p. 3-5).

An act regulating the pay of officers, crew and mariners of the revenue cutter “Liberia” or any other revenue vessel belonging to government (1869, pp. 5-6).

[A resolution authorizing the secretary of treasury to pay A.F. Johns of Montserrado County one year’s interest at the legal rate of six percent on three thousand eight hundred and ninety nine dollars on vouchers issued to him by W.H. Lynch and Benjamin Anderson, former secretaries of treasury] (1869, pp. 6-7).

An act for the encouragement of agriculture and authorizing and requesting the president to enter into and conclude a commercial treaty with the government of the United States of America to mutually admit free of duty, certain articles of merchandize [meaning beef, pork, flour, pilot and navy bread from the United States and sugar, coffee, arrow-root and ginger from Liberia] (1869, p. 7).

An act providing for the revision and compilation of the statute laws of Liberia [by J. J. Roberts, based upon the Law Commentaries of Blackstone by Chitty and Wendal and the Revised Statutes of the State of New York, at the cost of fifteen hundred dollars, including printing] (1869, pp. 7-8).

[A resolution expressing thanks to the U.S. government for the Emancipation Proclamation, congratulations to enslaved African Americans upon their emancipation and thanks to God for the restoration of peace in the United States] (1869, p. 9).

A resolution to suppress the aboriginal difficulties existing in our northwestern boundaries, in the Gallinas Territory [providing for ten thousand dollars and between four hundred and five hundred Liberian militia to be sent, in response to an alleged request by Prince Bomboo to assist in the defense of his people and their allies, the Zaroh, the latter having recently emancipated themselves from domestic slavery under the Vey and Gallinas, from attacks by the Veys and Gallinas led by Prince Mannah] (1868, pp. 9-10).

An act proposing amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia [changing the term of senators from four to eight years and of the president and representatives from two to four years] (1869, pp. 10-11).

An act authorizing the removal of obstructions from the Marphar River and making appropriation [of fifty dollars] for same (1868, pp. 11-12).

An act creating an interior department (1869, pp. 12-15).

A resolution to be appended to the appropriation bill, authorizing the secretary of the treasury to draw debentures in favor of the president and vice president for the fiscal year ending September 30th 1869 in the same manner as is provided for the legislature (1869, pp. 15-16).

An act [providing forty-nine dollars and fifty cents each] for the relief of Joseph Blanchard [of Grand Bassa] and WIlliam H. Hill [Montserrado, both having been wounded in military service] (1869, pp. 16-17).

A joint resolution [allowing four hundred eighty one and seventy nine cents to be refunded by the treasury department, at the rate of one hundred and twenty dollars and forty-five cents] for the relief of Lewis Barker [of Montserrado County, who came of age in 1858] (1869, p. 16).

An act supplementary to an act amendatory to an act entitled an act confining and restricting foreign vessels to ports of entry (1869, p. 17).

A resolution ordering the secretary of treasury to burn in the presence of the legislature all demand notes, scripts, checks, debentures and other evidences of money now belonging to the government (1869, p. 17).

An act to incorporate the Ladies First Mutual Relief Society of Cape Palmas [ naming Ann E. Dennis, president; Maria Dent, vice president; Mary A. Fletcher, treasurer; Sarah J. Simpson, secretary; Harriet E. Lee, assistant secretary; Charlotte F. Donaldson, chief manager; and managers: Mary A. Simpson, Julia A. Hance, Cecelia A. Hamilton, Mary A. Harris, Sarah Scotland, J.M. Thompson and Catherine Cooper] (1869, pp. 17-18).

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act defining the payment of duties (1869, pp. 18-19).

A resolution for the relief of [Hamburg-native] William Jantzen, esquire, consignee of the Barque “Bielefield” [refunding two hundred and twenty two dollars and twenty cents, representing duty paid at the Grand Bassa port on an ex post facto basis (1869, pp. 19-20).

Resolution to prevent judges and justices of the peace or any other officer entrusted with the administration of the laws of this Republic from issuing writs in civil cases against members of the legislature (1869, p. 20).

An act appropriating eighty dollars annually to and for the use of the [blind and destitute] widow of Hon. John H. Paxton, late senator of this Republic and of the county of Montserrado (1869, pp. 20-21)
A resolution restoring William Jackson and Ann Minor of Montserrado County and Alexander Jackson and Boston Dade of Maryland County to the rights and privileges of other good citizens of this Republic (1869, pp. 21).

An act encouraging mining in Liberia [by allowing Liberians to associate with foreign capitalists, mineralogists and miners in search of coal and other precious ores and fixing duty on exported ore at no more five percent on the dollar] (1869?, pp. 21-22).

Resolution requiring the secretary of the treasury to have his annual report printed before submitting it to the legislature (1869, pp. 22-23).

A resolution reimbursing Gilly Bunner [twelve hundred and forty-eight dollars deposited in the Liberian treasury by Bunner’s late mother, Tempy Brown] (1869, p. 23).

[Resolution directing the treasury secretary to pay J.C. Minor one hundred and thirty-three dollars and eighty seven cents for services as judge of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Montserrado] (1869, pp. 23-24).

A resolution fixing the day for adjournment of the present session of the legislature (1869, p. 24).

An act regulating the contesting seats in the legislature and defining the duties of contestants (1869, pp. 24-27).

[An act regulating seamen and merchants, with sample contract to be signed by ship masters] (1869, pp. 27-33, 38).

[A resolution authorizing the president to appoint a commissioner of education for each county, to facilitate the incorporation of aborigines and the “upbuilding of this Negro nationality”] (1869, pp. 33-36).

An act regulating an act interdicting Settra Kroo (1869, pp. 36-37)
An act appropriating forty dollars annually to William Jumbo, a Krooman of Montserrado County (1869, p. 37).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during its session 1869 (u.p., u.d.).