Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1870-1879


Resolution making an appropriation [of four hundred and fifty dollars] for the inauguration of the president and vice president, elect, of the Republic of Liberia (1874, p. 3).

An act authorizing the survey and construction of a cross-street on Public Farm Hill, Maryland County (1874, pp. 3-4).

An act fixing the salary of members [at four hundred dollars per year, plus fifteen cents per mile for travel to and from Monrovia] and officers of the legislature (1874, pp. 4-5).

A resolution authorizing the secretary of state to accept the invitation of the United States Government to cooperate in the international exhibition to be held in the city of Philadelphia, A.D. 1876, and the appointment of commissioners to the same (1874, pp. 5-6).

[Resolution establishing commissioners for relations with interior chiefs – one per the four leeward counties, each with an assistant and six baggage carriers (1874, pp. 6-10).

A resolution appropriating nine thousand one hundred sixty eight dollars and thirteen cents and directing the payment of the same to the government of the United States as the interest due that government on an amount for arms and munitions of war, and also for the appointment of a commissioner to proceed direct to Sierra Leone to adjust and make a final settlement of the indemnity bonds [worth eighteen thousand two hundred and seventy five dollars] held by the administrator of the British African Settlements at Sierra Leone, in favour of British subjects (1874, pp. 10-11).

A resolution providing for the revisal, compiling and printing of six hundred copies of the revised Statutes of Liberia [appropriates two hundreds for each of two lawyers who will examine the Statutes already compiled by H.W. Johnson, Jr., specifies that the Statutes be published in “small pica” in the United States and that two hundred copies be bound in calf at cost of fourteen hundred dollars] (1874, pp. 11-12).

Resolution authorizing the burning of useless moneys (1874, p. 12).

An act to incorporate the Union Missionary Society of the county of Grand Bassa (naming James S. Smith, M. D., D. F. Smith, J. L. Crusoe, Joseph J. Blyden, Anthony W. Gardner, Charles Clinton, John H. Clinton, H. L. Crusoe, J. J. Cheeseman, James M. Horace, W. Brumskine and Samuel Strothers Herring) (1874, pp. 12-13).

Resolution providing one hundred acres of public lands to S[amuel] S[trothers] Herring, introducer of the palm kernel trade, as a premium (1872, pp. 13-14).

Resolution restoring Winder A. Harris of the town of Edina, Grand Bassa County, to citizenship (1876, p. 15).

Resolution restoring William H. Hill of New Georgia to military franchise (1874, p. 15).

An act making appropriation for the fiscal year commencing the first day of October, Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Three, and ending the thirteenth day of September, Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Four [Sets appropriation at one hundred forty four thousand and one hundred fifty six dollars and twenty nine cents and details the salaries of civil servants, from the presidents to “runners”] (1874, pp. 17-25).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1873-1874. Published by authority Monrovia: T. W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1874. (Oversized initial letter are no longer used in each title. Compared to previous issue, type lines up more consistently, imprint shows sharper contrast with fewer, if any, typographical errors.)