Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1870-1879


A resolution ratifying the actions of the sovereign people of the Republic of Liberia in deposing Edward James Roye, fifth president of the Republic, for the reasons set forth in the manifesto of the executive committee of the provisional government and confirming all of their acts as set forth in said manifesto (1871, p. 3).

An act for temporarily lengthening the time of the December term of the Court of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas for Montserrado County and especially extending the sitting of the same [to ensure speedy trial of Roye administration officials] (1871, pp. 3-4).

Resolution authorizing and directing the president of the Republic of Liberia to secure the service of a good and efficient physician and direct him to proceed at once to Maryland County for the purpose of assisting the physician of Maryland County in arresting the smallpox now rapidly spreading in said county (1871, pp. 4-5).

Resolution providing for the landing and safekeeping of the cargo of the ship “Town,” until otherwise ordered by the legislature[to be held by H.W. Dennis, lawyer, and Sherman and Dimery, merchants, as security until questions surrounding the Roye loan are settled] (1871, p. 5).

A resolution authorizing the appointment of a committee to arrange for the erection of a monument to the memory of Rev. S. J. Mills (1872, p. 6).

Resolution authorizing the sale of the government vessel “Liberia” (1872, p. 6).

[An act divorcing Reginald A. Sherman and Sarah L. Sherman and H. R.W. Johnson and Sarah V. Johnson] (1872, p. 7).

An act restoring George Kimmings of Harrisburg, Montserrado County, and Benjamin N. Bond of Grand Bassa County to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1872, p. 7).

[An act ratifying the loan contracted by Edward James Roye, H.W. Johnson, W.S. Anderson and D. Chinery in the name of the Republic] (1872, pp. 7-8).

[A resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to obtain a loan of six thousand dollars from Liberians to defray increased government costs resulting from overthrow of the Roye administration, especially the expenses of the police guards and the Court of Quarter Session (1872, pp. 8-9).

A resolution restoring James S. Payne, Jr., formerly captain of the company called the “Montserrado Regulars” to militia franchise (1872, p. 9).

[A resolution authorizing a five hundred dollar reward for information on twenty four thousand dollars missing from the loan contracted by former President Roye and his commissioners (1872, pp. 9-10).

An act to open a public road from Careysburg to the City of Monrovia [at the cost of five hundred dollars] (1872, pp. 10-11).

[An act authorizing the granting of two hundred acres of land to the New York State Colonization through its president H.M Schieffelin for the establishment of a Manual Labor Institute] (1872, p. 11).

An act to repeal an act entitled an act creating commissioners of internal revenue (1872, p. 12).

Joint resolution tendering the thanks of the legislature of Liberia to Messrs. R. A. Sherman, Charles B. Dunbar and Amos Herring and all the good citizens of Montserrado County, who performed service under the provisional government (1872, p. 12).

A resolution regulating and authorizing government printing [of the legislature and the Court of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas, Montserrado County, from the deposition of E. J. Roye to the inauguration of J. J. Roberts, at a cost of two thousand dollars] (1872, pp. 12-13).

Resolution authorizing the appointment of two commissioners in each of the counties of the Republic, to examine and adjust the public accounts (1872, pp. 13-14).

An act providing for the disposal of the consignment of merchandise to the government per Brig “Town of Liverpool” (1872, pp. 15-16).

Joint resolution of the senate and house of representatives of the Republic of Liberia upon the special communication of the president, on the state of affairs among the natives more or less under the dominion and rule of Farquaqua in Monstserrado County [and appropriating an additional six thousand dollars to enforce order on the highway to the interior] (1872, 16).

[A resolution authorizing an additional six hundred and fifty dollars for government printing, especially the journals of the recent treason and felony cases] (1872, p. 17).

A resolution authorizing the furnishing of the several departments of government with stamps (1872, p. 17).

Resolution appropriating seventy five dollars to Joseph H. Harmon of Maryland County (1872, p. 18).

Resolution showing the front boundary of the settlement of Crozierville (1872, p. 18).

A resolution restoring George Elias Titler [of Montserrado] and Elias Cooper [Maryland] to citizenship (1872, p. 18).

A resolution repealing the second and fifth sections of an act entitled an act to remove the county seat of Montserrado County to the township of Clay-Ashland, Saint Paul’s River (1872, p. 19).

[Resolution reimbursing the five days expenses to the secretary of the senate and representatives who had to come to the capital one month early due to the removal of the Roye government] (1872, p. 19).

A resolution fixing a day for adjournment of the present session of the legislature (1872, p. 20).

An act providing for the better regulation of the collection of the public revenue [making it a misdemeanor for any official to receive at the Custom House an species other than those approved by law (1872, pp. 20-21).

An act for the better carrying into effect the regulations of the towns and villages of this Republic [concerned particularly with election of commissioners and collection of property taxes] (1872, p. 22).

A resolution authorizing the president to grant the secretary of the treasury a warrant to issue or draw drafts on the remaining amount of money on deposit in England to the credit of Liberia from the loan (1872, p. 22).

Resolution to repair the government house in the city of Monrovia, known as the Representative Hall, and to build suitable houses required in the government square [at a cost of up to two thousand dollars] (1872, p. 22).

Resolution appropriating two thousand dollars for the traveling expenses of the president of the Republic of Liberia on the Liberian coast (1872, p. 22).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1871-1872. Published by authority by L. R. Leone, printer, Republican Office: Monrovia, 1872. (Features oversized initial letter in each title.).

Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1860-1869

1867, December

A resolution restoring Peter Minor of Montserrado County to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1867, p. 3).

An act to increase the revenue [by increasing the duty from nine percent to twelve on transient sales, from twelve to fifteen percent on direct consignments and twenty-five to thirty-seven cents per gallon of imported liquors] (1867, pp. 3-5).

An act to amend an act to repeal part of an act laying an interdict upon the Kroo Countries [specifically Settra Kroo, Nanna Kroo, Little Kroo, King Wills Town and Warpee, in order to secure the return of Toe, the alleged murderer of James Douglass, a Sinoe resident] (1868, pp. 5-6).

An Act creating river pilots for the different rivers at the several ports of entry in the Republic of Liberia and defining the duties, fees and penalties of the same (1868, pp. 6-7).

A resolution absolving and restoring John O. Evans [Jr.] to citizenship (1868, pp. 7-8).

An act for the relief of Charles R. Johnson of Grand Bassa County, who was wounded in the Gatoomba War, in the early settlement of this Republic, and who has served his country for many years as a military officer [providing sixty dollars annually] (1868, p. 8)
An act divorcing Martha E. McKenzie and Lambert McKenzie (1868, p. 8).

Resolution removing the chief justice [Edward James Roye, for causing several judges to resign in protest of his “gross inconsistencies and legal outrages” in the case of the Schooner Phoebe Harris] (1868, p. 9).

An act defining the payment of duties, etc., etc. (1868, pp. 9-10).

An act to prevent the depreciation of government currency (1868, pp. 10-11).

An act regulating the city of Greenville [fixing the salaries of the mayor and City Court chairman at one dollar per day and reducing the number of council members from nine to five] (1868, p. 11).

An act for the relief of H. B. Matthews (of Montserrado County, providing forty dollars annually] (1868, p. 12).

An act granting a pension to J. T. Richardson of Montserrrado County (who had an arm broken in the 1840 Gatoomba War, providing sixty dollars annually).

An act authorizing the appointment of wharfingers at each of the ports of entry of this Republic and defining their duties (1868, pp. 12-13).

From Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during its session commencing December 1867. Published by authority, Monrovia: J. Adam Clarke, printer, 1868.