Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1940


An act suspending the privilege and benefit of the writ of habeas corpus [permitting the president during the next 12 months to establish a military commission to judge infractions of security, if warrant by the external or internal situation] (Acts 1938, pp. 1-2).

An act creating the township of Bethlehem, Lloydsville, in the territory of Marshall, Montserrado County, a voting precinct [due to the risks associated with travel by canoe to vote in Marshall, 11 miles away] (Acts 1938, p. 2).

An act appropriating certain public monies for sundry purposes [namely $15,000, for commission of funds transferred abroad; $10,000 for transmission of radio messages and mail; $2,000 for department of state travel; $816.17 for Liberia College; $2,160.35, construction of customs house at Buchanan; and $23.48, treasury department general contingency fund] (Acts 1938, p. 3).

An act approving the budget presented by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, and providing for the expenses of the government for the fiscal year, Jan. 1, 1941, to Dec. 31, 1941 [and authorizing the secretary of the treasury to repay the justices of the supreme court and five judges of the circuit court amounts “that may have been voluntarily surrendered from their salaries as a loan to the government on account of the financial condition,” whenever funds become available] (Acts 1938, p. 4).

A joint resolution approving an agreement supplementary to the loan agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia, the Finance Corporation of America and the National City Bank of New York dated the first day of September A. D. 1940 [including the text of the agreement] (Acts 1938, pp. 5-8).

An act extending the jurisdiction of stipendiary magistrates in civil and criminal cases [involving up to $300 in debt and damages, infractions of the peace not exceeding $25 in fines and, in the Firestone Plantations Magisterial area, matrimonial cases arising under Native Customary Law] (Acts 1938, p. 9).

An act to amend Chapter XXII of the acts of 1926 relating to a quorum of the supreme court [allowing any number of present justices to convene until the 20th day of the session when, in the absence of a quorum, they may adjourn] (Acts 1938, p. 9).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 2nd session of the 39th legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1938, p. 10).

Joint resolution granting [$1,000] annuity to ex-president C. D. B. King of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1938, p. 11).

An act reimbursing Alfred M. W. Collins of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, in the sum of $80 [, having been exonerated of misappropriating a typewriter from the senate] (Acts 1938, p. 12).

An act reimbursing Frances P. Dennis of Careysburg, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, in the sum of $60 [for 2,000 pounds of rice supplied to the Frontier Force] (Acts 1938, pp. 12-13).

An act granting Zuke Kandakai, Njola Karmoh, Sengbe Kojowah and Siafa Jalla-Kei, the right to run a ferry across the Little Cape Mount River in the county of Grand Cape Mount, and Republic of Liberia, at the points commonly known as Gbaa, to and from the opposite bank and Segana, to and from the opposite bank, under the name and style of Zuke Kandakai, Njola Karmoh, Sengbe Kojowah and Siafa Jalla-Kei Ferry Company [for a maximum charge of 12 cents] (Acts 1938, pp. 13-14).

An act incorporating the Unity Mechanic Association of Virginia, Montserrado County [Henry J. Gordon, president; Charles H. Capehart, vice president; Richard N. Starks, recording secretary; Charles H. Christopher, assistant recording secretary; Joseph J. Washington, financial secretary; Frederick H. Marshall, treasurer; Sampson Snorton, director; patrons: Z. B. Roberts and Henry Johnson] (Acts 1938, p. 14).

An act restoring Albert Dondo Ware of the county of Grand Cape Mount, Republic of Liberia, to all right and privileges of citizenship [, having been an “upright” citizen since his release from prison] (Acts 1938, p. 15).

An act amendatory at an act to repeal an act entitled “An act granting a ferry franchise to J. C. Johns Company” passed and approved Dec. 9, 1929, an act granting ferry franchise to I. L. Hoff and Company, passed and approved Dec. 11, 1934, both of the county of Grand Cape Mount, and granting ferry franchise to the Wakolo Ferry Transport Company Incorporated, county of Grand Cape Mount [keeping the maximum charge at 24 cents between Robertsport and Sawilor and 12 cents between Robertsport and Mecca Point and between Twelve Point and Sulima but reducing the maximum charge between Robertsport and Deah from 48 cents to 24 cents] (Acts 1938, pp. 15-16).

Joint resolution granting Robertport Union Lodge No. 4463, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, one quarter acre of land, one town lot, in the city of Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, for the purpose of erecting thereon a temple (Acts 1938, p. 17).

An act granting T. E. Carr of Caldwell, Monserrado County, in the Republic of Liberia, [a $200] pension for and during his natural lifetime [, having fought in 30 skirmishes] (Acts 1938, pp. 17-18).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1940. Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1941.