Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1870-1879

1870, December

An act authorizing specific duties on certain articles imported into the Republic of Liberia and the collection of the same (1870, pp. 3-4).

An act to repeal an act defining the payment of duties etc., etc. (1870, pp. 4-5).

An act incorporating the Palm Grove Cemetery Company of Monrovia [consisting of two acres opposite the public burial ground with Henry Wesley Dennis, Charles Benjamin Dunbar and William McCall Davis of Monrovia named as members of the corporation] (1870, pp. 5-6).

An act authorizing the negotiation of a loan [of three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars in gold or silver coins, to be paid by a one dollar excise tax on each male citizen] (1870, pp. 6-7).

An act creating commissioner of internal revenue [to whom all tax collectors will report] (1870, p. 7),

An amendatory act to an act establishing the judiciary and fixing the powers common to the several courts (1870, p. 8).

An act declaring certain days to be national holidays [namely July 26 as Independence Day and the first Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day] (1870, p. 9-10).

Resolution ratifying the appointment of Honorable J. J. Roberts, Minister Plenipotentiary and also his negotiation for arms, munitions of war, etc., etc., and the distribution of the same in the leeward counties of this Republic (1870, pp. 10-11).

An act to remove the county seat to the township of Clay Ashland, St. Paul’s River [appropriating four thousand dollars for the construction of a county court house and jail in Clay Ashland and ordering the destruction of the building in Monrovia which to date housed the court house and Senate chamber (1870, pp. 11-12).

A resolution to amend the law regulating appeals and also the law defining certain crimes and relating to the punishment of crimes (1870, pp. 12-13).

A resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to pay [two hundred and sixty two dollars to] Captain Andrew M. Jackson and other certain individuals being [fifty six] persons who at the call of the government volunteered their services for the defence of the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia (1870, p. 13).

A resolution declaring the opinion of the people on the Constitutional amendment [authorizing referendum on the first Tuesday of May, 1870] (1870, p. 13).

A joint resolution for the relief of the corporation of the city of Monrovia [authorizing the secretary of state to substitute for the city recorder in the local election] (1870, p. 14).

[A resolution authorizing the secretary of treasury to pay E. M. Morris three year’s interest in advance on money deposited in the treasury by her late husband, Edward] (1870, p. 14).

An act to set apart a piece of land known as Court House Square Buchanan, Grand Bassa County (1870, pp. 14-15).

A resolution for the relief of Cato Sims of Montserrado County [restoring hims to all the rights and privileges of citizenship] (1870, p. 15).

An act for the relief of the settlement of Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount (1870, pp. 15-16).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1869-1870. Published by authority Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1870.

Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1857-1859

1858, December

An act to amend an act entitled an act of duties on imports (1858, p. 17-18).

An act entitled an act to amend an act to regulate the militia (1858, p. 18-19).

An act to maintain peace an enforce order on the highways to the interior (1858, p. 19-20).

An act authorizing the clearing out of the Gracho Falls, Grand Bassa County (1858, p. 20-21).

An act authorizing the president to employ a Costa Guarda [naval vessel] (1858, p. 21).

An act [providing forty dollars annuity] for the relief of William Harris, Senior, of the county of Grand Bassa (1858, p. 21).

A resolution [providing twenty five dollars] to aid James Thomas of the Township of New Georgia (1858, p. 21-22).

An act to regulate taxes and licenses (1858, p. 22-23).

An act creating and defining the duties of the superintendents of the several counties (1858, p. 24-25).

Resolution approving of executive action in the “Regina Coeli” case [involving a French ship allegedly engaged in slave traffiking] (1858, p. 25).

An act prohibiting the enlistment of native African emigrants (1858, p. 25).

An act amendatory of the fourth article of the act regulating navigation, commerce and revenue (1858, p. 26).

An act to amend the fifth article of an act entitled “An act to establish the judiciary and fixing the powers common to the several courts’ (1858, p. 27).

Supplementary act to the “Act providing for the establishment of an interior settlement” (1858, p. 28.

An act amendatory of an act entitled “An act concerning elections” (1858, p. 29).

A resolution providing for the transcribing of the journals of the Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia (1858, p. 33).

A resolution [providing an annuity of twenty-five dollars quarterly] for the relief of David Banaker (1858, p. 34).

An act restoring J. Gearing to citizenship (1858, p. 34).

An act to provide for a state prison (1858, p. 31-32).

An act to raise the revenue [in the form of a loan of up to forty thousand dollars] and to encourage farmers (1858, p. 32-33).

An act establishing the Treasury Department and defining the duties of the same (1858, p. 34-37).

An act amendatory to the act entitled an act incorporating Liberia College, and the supplement thereto [naming Francis Burns, John Day, Daniel B. Warner, Francis Payne, Alfred F. Russell, Samuel F. McGill, Beverly R. Wilson, Amos Herring and B.V.R. James to the board of trustees and granting the College one thousand acres in each of the original four counties: Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Maryland] (1858, p. 37-38).

An act providing for a road from the St. Paul’s River to the settlement of Careysburg in the county of Montserrado (1858, p. 38).

An act divorcing John B[radberry] Jordan and Otillia Julien Jordan (1858, p. 39).

An act fixing the boundaries of the town of Robertsport (1858, p. 39).

An act providing for the pay of government interpretors [set at one dollar per day if employed by superintendents and courts of record or fifty cents per case in justice of the peace courts] (1858, p. 39-40).

A resolution providing for the payment of the militia of Sinoe County (1858, p. 40-41).

Resolution relieving the estate of Hon. R. E. Murray from claims against it by the Republic (1858, p. 41).

A resolution restoring Henry Roadman to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1858, p. 41).

An act incorporating a College (omitted in the compilation of 1856) [naming Alfred F. Russell, Samuel Benedict, Beverly R. Wilson, James B. McGill, Daniel B. Warner, Francis Payne, Amos Herring, B.V.R. James, D.T. Harris, H.M. Smith to the board of trustees and granting the College one hundred acres of land near Clay Ashland] (1858, p. 42-43).

From Acts of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia passed during the sessions 1857-1861, inclusive. Monrovia: G. Killian, Printer, Liberia Herald Office, 1862.