Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1857-1859

1859, December

An act chartering the City of Monrovia (1859, p. 45-50).

An act approving and appropriating a certain amount of money assumed and expended by the president in arresting the small pox (1859, p. 45).

An act amendatory to the second article of an act, entitled an act establishing the boundaries of the Republic, and defining the boundaries of the several counties (1859, p. 50).

A resolution recommending an amendment to the Constitution [second section of the second article] (1859, p. 50).

An act authorizing the removal of the obstructions from the Mechlin river and making appropriations for the same (1859, p. 51).

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act incorporating Liberia College [moving the site from Clay Ashland to Monrovia and providing more seats on the board to Montserrado than other counties] (1859, p. 53).

An act supplementary to an act entitled “An act to maintain peace and enforce order on the highways of the interior” (1859, p. 53).

A resolution granting to the Presbyterian Missionary Society in the county of Sinoe one hundred acres of land for mission purposes [with certificate to be granted in the name of James R. Amos and T. H. Amos] (1859, p. 54).

An act fixing the salary of the superintendent of Marshall (1859, p. 54-55).

An act making appropriation [of seventy-five dollars] for H. Underwood [for services to invalids afflicted with smallpox] (1859, p. 55).

From Acts of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia passed during the sessions 1857-1861, inclusive. Monrovia: G. Killian, Printer, Liberia Herald Office, 1862.