Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1857-1859

1857, December

An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act providing for a National Fair (1857 II, p. 3)*

An act for the punishment of larceny (1857 II, p. 3-4).

An act constituting and establishing a monthly and probate court and a register’s department at Robertsport (1857 II, p. 4-5).

An act providing for the repairs of public buildings in the county of Maryland (1857 II, p. 5).

[An act ordering the withdrawal and destruction of three hundred dollars or less in paper currency issued by Maryland in Africa and its replacement by an equal amount drawn upon the treasury of the Republic of Liberia (1857 II, p. 5-6).

An act regulating the enlistment and transportation of emigrants (1857 II, p. 6-7).

A preamble and resolution empowering the president to enforce a settlement of difficulties existing within the jurisdiction of this republic between the Naffaw and Padee native tribes, in the county of Maryland (1857 II, p. 7-8).

An act restoring Thornton Belton to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1857 II, p. 8).

An act providing for a National Fair (1857 II, p. 8-12).

A resolution providing for the issuing of two thousand dollars in engraved bills (1857 II, p. 12-13).

[A resolution expressing reservations concerning efforts by the American Colonization to recruit immigrants for Liberia] (1857 II, p. 12-13).

An act providing for the relief of Nancy A. Woodson [widow of Granville Woodson, killed in 1856 Sinoe war] and her child (1857 II, p. 13).

An act providing for auditors of the public accounts (1857 II, p. 13-14).

An act providing relief for Mrs. Rachel Perdue [widow of John Purdue, killed at Lexington, Sinoe in 1855] (1857 II, p. 14).

A resolution authorizing the second section, second article of the Constitution [concerning legislative representation, as applied to the newly incorporated Maryland County to be laid before the Supreme Court for its decision (1857 II, p. 14-).

A resolution to remunerate J. J. Roberts, commissioner to France (1857 II, p. 14-15).

Resolution authorizing the clearing out of the narrows at the head of the northern branch of the Junk River (1857 II, p. 15),

A resolution to acknowledge favors conferred upon this government by Her Britannic Majesty’s government [in the form of a promise to repair the Liberian government-owned schooner “Lark”] (1857 II, p. 15-16).

Acts of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia passed during the session commencing in December 1857. Monrovia: Printed by G. Killian, 1858, except for Act marked *, which was found in “Acts passed during the session, December 1857,” Acts of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia passed during the sessions 1857-1861, inclusive. Monrovia: G. Killian, Printer, Liberia Herald Office, 1862.