Acts of the Liberian Legislature, 1920-1929

1920, Call Session

Joint resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to send a commission composed of three persons to be designated by him, to Washington, D. C., United States of America, for the purpose of continuing negotiations with the government of the United States on the proposed financial plan and authorizing the secretary of the treasury of the Republic of Liberia to enter into negotiations for the sum of twelve thousand dollars for the purpose of defraying the expenses of said commission (Acts, Call Session 1920, p. 3).

An act repealing and amending certain portions of an act establishing a criminal code of the Republic of Liberia, approved Oct. 14, 1914 [clarifying the punishment for petty larceny and clarifying the law concerning the setting of spring guns and spring knives] (Acts, Call Session 1920, pp. 4-5).

An act repealing an act annulling the charter of the City of Buchanan [creating a city government for Upper Buchanan, consisting of a five-member council with three members from Upper Buchanan, one from the central ward and one from Paynesbury] (Acts, Call Session 1920, pp. 5-6).

Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the Call Session of 1920. Published by authority, Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1920.